I think I’m cold!

Many a person may now say: “Ooooh, I’ve known it all along. You’ve always been a cold hearted unpleasant individual!”.

Many a person may be right. Especially if that person’s an ex-boyfriend of mine. But that’s not what I meant for once!

I really am cold! I think this Spring goes in history as the coldest bone-chilling March/April/May in my 22 years on this island. I’ve practically spent the past three months under a duvet using one cat (Fritz) to warm my feet and the other one (Frida) to warm whichever part of my upside anatomy she’s currently resting on.

A distant memory are those early April days of years gone by spent in shorts walking along the Thames. Mind you, English men get their flip-flops out even at 12 C/53 F in old money – which is not (for once) a euphemism for their genitalia before the invention of Viagra!

Which is actually the part on my anatomy Frida is currently resting on… before anyone calls the RSPCA, there’re several layers of duvet & blanket between us.

So here’s to warmer days and even warmer months. Hopefully soon as I’d love to get my bits out this year before I turn 52 in a few weeks time.

I’m talking about my legs in shorts you filthy animals..!

Published by Frank Loman

I'm an artist with a mission. A mission. Doesn't everyone have one? Well, we're here to find out and I'm taking you with me on the ride.

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