My father…

Writing this post is not exactly easy for me for reasons different to the ones you might expect. My father died a few days ago and what I feel is void and emptiness. If you expect a lovely childhood photo of my father and myself smiling happily into a camera, I have to disappoint you.Continue reading “My father…”

Pinch me, I’m on Trisha!

What a great pleasure reviewing newspapers for Trisha Goddard on Talk Radio/Talk TV this afternoon! Here’s the link: I’m on ca. 6 minutes into the show! We talked Monkeypox and the stigmatisation of the LGBTQ community – and the Platinum Jubilee. Enjoy!

I’m on BBC Radio London tonight! Saturday, May 28th, from 11pm.

Here’s the link to listen tonight or listen again after the show for 30 days. Just head for the time code in the image and enjoy!

The Elizabeth line is here! Finally!

For those of you who don’t know, besides being a Eurovision geek I’m also a bit of a public transport geek! So, when on May 24th the Elizabeth line (or Crossrail) finally opened, I had to be on it. Canary yellow must have been a thing that week as Mika was also spotted hosting EurovisionContinue reading “The Elizabeth line is here! Finally!”

Happy Christmas 🎄🎄🎄

It’s been a while… Apologies for the radio silence but, with a new job in June, getting over Covid and life in general, my time management hasn’t been exactly exemplary! Life in general is good, really! It’s the world around me I don’t always understand. To a certain extent I did not mind the lastContinue reading “Happy Christmas 🎄🎄🎄”

It had to happen eventually…

Hi Folks, In case you had been wondering why there have not been any walkies recorded for days… Well, I got COVID, which is a bit of a bummer after dodging the viral bullet for over a year and a half. I’m ok… we’ll, kind of… fatigue, brain fog, cough, sore throat and a constantContinue reading “It had to happen eventually…”

Frank Loman on BBC Radio London tonight! Show starts 10pm GMT! Enjoy. Please follow the link above if you’d like to listen back to the show – it’ll be available for 30 days from June 26th, 2021. I’m on ca. 45 mins after the start of the show. Enjoy.