Vaccine 2.0

Fully Pfizered!

It’s done! The microchip is in and I can finally have Elon Musk’s babies… No? I can finally connect with Mars! No? Free subscription to Microsoft Mal- & Spyware Eradicator Software! No? Great, I hate that stuff! Once you Mac, you never go back!

In a few weeks time, once the second dose is fully effective, my future will look brighter and I hope for some form of normality! Don’t get me wrong folks, you won’t see me attending the nearest rave any time soon!

So please, y’all, keep wearing your masks and socially distance wherever possible and necessary! Just be a decent human being for fuck’s sake!

The Tories aside, I’m very happy to be calling this island my home! The vaccination progress in the UK has been out of this world and, as much as the Master-Waffler Boris demands to take credit for it, all credit belongs to the NHS, it’s doctors, nurses and volunteers!

It took 30 minutes this afternoon! That was all!

No side effects so far (knocks on wood) within the first few hours so all is good!

I’ll report back once my microchip has hooked itself into the nearest 5G network… which is/was the origin of all evil! No? Thought so! ❤️

Happy days ARE here again!

Published by Frank Loman

I'm an artist with a mission. A mission. Doesn't everyone have one? Well, we're here to find out and I'm taking you with me on the ride.

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