Life ins’t always cupcakes and handjobs.

I really don’t understand people. 

I mean, I don’t understand myself most of the time come to think of it. I constantly sway between a genius in psychology one day and a novice in setting one foot in front of the other mentally another. The genius comes into play when I look after others – friends in need of a good hug (difficult currently, I know) or even strangers in need of a shoulder to talk on. The novice makes an appearance mainly in matters of the heart – love and romance mainly – exclusively actually. 

When it comes to love – and most of the ex-boyfriends of mine who still talk to me will attest to this – I turn into this self-doubting, aggressive sometimes, non-communicating mostly, myself constantly questioning human being who tells himself that he’s worth nothing, that trusting always leads to disappointment and that a world of fantasy is easier to face than any reality. 


You can probably tell, that’s not exactly a recipe for a successful love life. And I have the track record to prove.

If you read this far and you’d still like to get to know me, thank you!

If you think you know me and are surprised by my revelations, you probably didn’t know me. Which may very well be my doing as I may have only ever told you what I wanted you to know about my inner workings.

If none of the above applies to you and you are reading this with a knowing smile on your lips and a warm feeling in your heart, then, welcome my friend. I promise I’ll keep this interesting even for you.

I’m a gay man in my early 50s even though people tell me I have the skin of a 25 year old peach. Wait! Someone should have told me not to mix up my metaphors. Oh well..!

I promise I will fill these pages with stories, truth, music, poetry, photos and paintings.

This is a song I started writing in 2000 – and only when my friend and musical partner in crime, Ricardo Fernandes, came into my life a few years ago, were we able to finish it.

See you very soon and enjoy!



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