The Elizabeth line is here! Finally!

For those of you who don’t know, besides being a Eurovision geek I’m also a bit of a public transport geek! So, when on May 24th the Elizabeth line (or Crossrail) finally opened, I had to be on it.

Queen Elizabeth opens the Elizabeth line officially!

Canary yellow must have been a thing that week as Mika was also spotted hosting Eurovision dressed in a similar shade of yellow!

Mika Hosting Eurovision 2022 in Turin.

Although, upon closer inspection Her Majesty’s yellow is more Primrose than Canary. They showed her how to put money onto an Oyster card – that was an interesting watch… I wonder how often She looks at stamps and bank notes thinking ‘I should have had less gin before I sat for that portrait..!’.

Anyway, I digress… I rode the Elizabeth line trains from roughly 7pm to 9.30pm – from Paddington to Abbey Wood – getting off at every station for a wander. And especially the stations did not disappoint!

The trains are fast, very fast, quiet and clean (well, let’s see how long it’ll take for some Essex lads to spill enough cheap booze…). Once Heathrow is fully connected to the Elizabeth line you’ll be able to get from there to, say, Canary Wharf in 50 minutes!

I mean, yes, it’s more than three years delayed and cost billions more than originally estimated, but now that it’s here, who honestly cares. The Elizabeth line will change public transport in London forever… and I’m all here for it!

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