Royaume-Uni Nul Points

As I’m downing my hair of the dog (or cat more likely in my opinion), here are some thoughts on last night’s Eurovision from Rotterdam!

Well… the last time we did well was in 2009 when Jade Ewen sang a song composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren – that was the last time the BBC put time, money and effort into the contest. We came 5th.

It’s not politics, it’s not Brexit, it’s simply the BBC’s recent “oh well, that’ll do” attitude. If not enough money is being put into promoting the song, Europe won’t care or listen. Add to that a lacklustre off key live performance (not the only one of the night I hasten to add…) and you get a lacklustre result.

There was also a brilliant article in the Metro which kinda proves my point:

I’m afraid I have to point towards Sweden again where their national final, Melodifestivalen, is celebrated by over 50% of the country’s population for the 6 weeks it lasts. Some of Sweden’s biggest singers take part but also newcomers and old fashioned Schlager performers.

The BBC is going a step in the right direction by dedicating hours of air time on Radio 2 to the contest. But that won’t do in the future, I’m afraid.

Italy proved tonight, that Big 5 entrants can win! This was the second time after the introduction of the Big 5 – Germany 2010 were the first.

I thought Rotterdam did a brilliant show last night and the right countries were in the Top 3. All three songs not performed in English which I think is also an important positive to point out!

Let’s see what RAI will do next year! And pray Eurovision won’t last 5.5 hours like a night at Sanremo does..!

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